Be Informed and Take Action on Basic Income Guarantee

London is talking basic income guarantee…

The discussion about Basic Income Guarantee has been catching on in London at rapid rates. It was the topic of a recent North East Community Conversation; became the subject of debate at the Wolf Performance Hall earlier this week, and King’s University College brought in some of Canada’s leading experts (Senator Art Eggleton and Dr. Evelyn Forget) to share their perspectives with London about basic income guarantee.

Our governments are talking basic income guarantee…

In February 2016, the Ontario government delivered its 2016 Budget and in it contained a commitment that it would work with communities and stakeholders to design and implement a basic income pilot. The budget document states that a pilot project will test whether Basic Income can:

  • Build on the success of minimum wage policies and an increased child tax benefit
  • Provide a more efficient way of delivering income support
  • Strengthen individual attachment to the labour force
  • Achieve savings in areas such as health care and housing supports

This action within the Ontario government has been met with interest by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s liberals, and increasing discussions within federal Ministers about further researching and considering basic income guarantee for all Canadians; however, there is yet to be a budgetary commitment to basic income at the federal level.

Locally, on March 31, 2016, the Mayor’s Panel on Poverty in London, Ontario delivered a recommendation to Mayor Matt Brown that London be made a pilot site for Basic Income. In the report, the panel acknowledged that London, with poverty rates higher than the provincial average, would be a well-suited place in which to observe the dramatic results of proposed income-based measures of poverty.

Get informed about basic income guarantee…

Academic Resources

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Articles, News & Opinion Editorials

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Take action on basic income guarantee…

Write to your Elected Officials

Are you interested to learn more about basic income for London, Ontario or Canada? Send a letter of inquiry, a statement of interest, or your opinions for or against Basic Income to your elected official. See a list of your local government representatives here.

Are you interested to advocate for London to be the test site for a basic income pilot? The following letter templates may help you with some wording.

  • (Sample BIG Pilot Site letter – municipal)
  • (Sample BIG Pilot Site letter – provincial)
  • (Sample BIG Pilot Site letter – federal)

For more tips on writing to members of the local, provincial and federal governments, take a look at the following resources:

Be a Part of the BIG Movement

  • Join the London Basic Income Guarantee Chapter of the Basic Income Canada network (email Tracey Smith-Carrier a
  • Show your support for the growing momentum for Basic Income by registering as a supporter through the Basic Income Canada Network
  • Consider attending the North American Basic Income Guarantee (NABIG) Congress 2016 at University of Manitoba in May 2016 (details here)

Guest Blog for LPRC

The LPRC hosts a blog intended as a platform for community members to share experiences and dialogue about various aspects of poverty. If you would like to share your thoughts on BIG via this public platform, contact the LPRC Manager Anne-Marie at

Bring Questions to the LPRC to Advocate with Elected Officials

Part of the role of the LPRC is to create relationships with the municipal, provincial and federal representatives for London, Ontario. The LPRC is committed to understanding the questions, comments and concerns of Londoners in order to bring these into dialogue with our elected officials.

If you would like to suggest questions, comments and concerns about the implementation of the Basic Income Guarantee, the LPRC will act on your behalf and attempt to get more context and answers from our elected officials.

To submit a question for the LPRC to bring into conversations with elected officials, please submit a query through the “General Inquiries” section of our Connect page on the LPRC website. We will post a follow up on our website and on social media about these conversations to inform our public about the content of our discussions.