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General Inquiries

A general contact form used to get in touch with the LPRC. For research related questions, please use the research form below.

Help the LPRC with Research Questions

The LPRC involves the community in the identification and formulation of research questions to be potentially undertaken by the LPRC. Please describe below a research question you may have for the LPRC in the areas of precarious work, mental health & homelessness, and poverty reduction. In an effort to involve community in our work, please also describe the level of engagement you would like to have with the LPRC’s involvement with this topic:
  • Note: The LPRC Board, staff and affiliated researchers work together to determine LPRC work priorities. The LPRC will make reasonable efforts to find dedicated researchers, students and staff to invest time on the topic under question, but the LPRC cannot guarantee that this research question will become a research priority.