LPRC Launches Blog, Invites Community Bloggers

The LPRC has launched a new blog site intended to serve as a continual conversation on issues on poverty in our community. Created and curated to include the many voices associated with the LPRC – academics, community advocates, lived experiences, Board members, students, engaged citizens – this blog is intended as a community space.

As the LPRC Manager meets and engages with more individuals, more guest bloggers will be scheduled to appear on the LPRC site, but we invite interest from potential collaborators by emailing manager@povertyresearch.ca. Blogs will be posted on a weekly basis.

Since this is a community space, the LPRC would like to ensure that there are some standards that are adhered to in the writing, reading and engagement with the topics of this blog:

  1. This blog and its content is not to be seen as an endorsement of organizations, initiatives, opinions or individuals by the LPRC, King’s University College or the Board members of the organization unless explicitly stated, but merely a space to allow conversations to happen.
  2. The operators of the blog reserve the right to refrain from posting material that is personally offensive or contains verbally abusive language aimed at pointing blame or causing hurt.
  3. The blog comments are intended to encourage healthy dialogue and misuse of the comments section will result in action to remove commenting privileges.

We look forward to seeing how this blog page forms and creates conversations and adds voice to the issues that affect everyone at all levels in the fight against poverty.